⠈≡ ᕳ﴾ ʚ⎚⍢⎚༙ ﴿ᕲ ≡⠈
What is a SPKY FRSH (Spooky Fresh NFT)?

SPKY FRSH (Spooky Fresh) are ‘Spirit Guides of the Metaverse,’ living on the Polygon Network

Ghosts trapped in the virtual machine, summoned by Nikola Tesla himself to aid in the transformation of humankind. Each SPKY is unique, powered by a distant energy source, known as its Spirit Force. With each force, comes specialized abilities, powered by a mysterious ‘Teslaract’.

What is a composable NFT?

Every SPKY exists on an ERC-1155 token. Unlike your typical NFT, each layer in a SPKY FRSH is itself an NFT. This allows you as a collector to customize your Spirit Guide with new layers by collecting FRSH Packs. Accessorize your SPKY to your heart’s content. Or farm rare traits in Open Edition drops to upgrade to legendary layers and sell them to other collectors! See Roadmap >

What is the rarity of a SPKY?

The spirit world is vast, consisting of 18 distinct Spirit Forces. A total of 1,111 of each SPKY’s will be minted as an ‘Composable NFT’. Each SPKY will be summoned from 50+ randomly generated traits, across 8 separate genes. Traits are distributed on a bell curve and currently include four rarity classes
Common | Rare | Mythical | Legendary.

While SPKY’s remain scarce, FRSH flows in abundance and is released through both special edition Pack Drops and time-sensitive Open Edition mints.

? | S | P | K | Y | F | R | S | H | ?
? S – Species
? P – PRTCL (Background)
? K – SKN
? Y – BDY
? F – FTRS
? R – GRLL
? S – EYES
? H – HNDS

What's a kaomoji?

They are the text-based versions of your SPKYs genome! Here is an example:
⠉⋆ ⪗﴾ ⁘ఠ్ఠᨐఠ్ఠ ﴿⪘ ⋆⠉

The first ASCII emoticons are generally credited to computer scientist Scott Fahlman, who proposed what came to be known as “smileys” 🙂 and 🙁 . Users from Japan popularized a kind of emoticon called kaomoji, utilizing the Katakana character set, that can be understood without tilting one’s head to the left. This style arose on ASCII NET of Japan in 1986.

Your SPIRIT GUIDES are ghosts in the machine! They exist in both text form, as well as highly rendered visuals. We built a custom genome that expresses each of its traits through the form of a kaomoji. AKA, your traits of your SPOOKY GUIDE generate your kaomoji!

Add yours to your discord name! Check out these eye shapes. You can find yours in the name of your NFT.


Spirit Forces sound scary. What are they?

Powered by the mighty force of the ‘Teslaract’, each of the 18 Spirit Forces corresponds to a different UN Sustainability Goal or the Creative Commons. Currently only three Spirit Forces have been summoned. They are Time, Gravity and Light. Check out teslaract to learn more and choose your spirit force.

How do you pronounce SPKY FRSH?

Spooooooooky Fresh

Example: Always Spooky, Forever Fresh!


But, like how WOKE are they? Is there a big resale royalty?
Just woke enough! 6% of secondary sales will be allocated to the FRSH-Dao. These funds will be distributed as follows.
3% – Impact Cause
2% – SPKY FRSH Team
1% – Artist Pool
FRSH-Dao? Tell Me more!

We aim to build the largest impact community in the NFT space. Owning a SPKY FRSH gives you access to vote in a subDAO, of the corresponding spirit forces in your wallet. Nominate which artists we collaborate with, help us determine which social impact causes to support, or vote to elect your next Chief of Freshness. 

Hold the Phone. Elect a Chief of Freshness?

Yep! As our community grows, we will look to you to elect community leaders with expertise in your subDAO category to aid in scaling our collective impact. 18 Chiefs, who remain Always Spooky, & Forever Fresh. Together, we will help tackle some of the biggest challenges humankind faces.

Tell me more about the lore!

In the late 19th century, Nikola Tesla summoned the spirit world to aid in shaping humankind’s future. The first of these spirits to arrive was a young sprite named Spooky. After rigorous scientific research, Nikola was able to synthesize the sprites genome, unlocking a mythical trait. In a burst of light, Fresh, was born into our realm. This sprite was observed to exhibit “spooky actions at a distance”, it’s asynchronous nature allowed it to react instantaneously to external forces.


What is do SPKY’s look like?

You can see them Pre-Reveal on Opeansea

Spooky Fresh NFTs