Spirit Guides of the Metaverse


SPKY FRSH (pronounced Spooky Fresh) are composable and evolutionary social impact NFTs, built on the Polygon Network using a custom ERC1155 token. Our Avatars, aka Spirit Guides of the Metaverse, exist to aid in the positive transformation of humankind by donating royalties from secondary sales to social impact causes!

Generatively summoned, each Spirit Force possess 50+ hand drawn traits, include colorful & trippy animations, and digitally rendered.

Each belongs to one of the 18 Spirit Forces (a collection dedicated to supporting one of the UN Sustainability Goals or the Creative Commons). Royalties are allocated to the FRSH DAO, so YOU the collector get to decide the impact of your NFT by voting on where royalties go.

Now Minting: The Genesis Drop

Harboring the power of the ‘Teslaract’, Nikola Tesla powers on a mysterious device. In a flash of light, SPKY FRSH is born, bringing into our realm three unique spirit forces. Gravy, Time, & Light. Summon one of 333 Genesis Series NFT today!

? Gravity – 111

? Light – 111

Time – 111

? Price: 120 MATIC

Genesis Drop Benefits

Score a Genesis Series NFT and become a true OG. Not only do you get an amazing piece of art, but also access to these awesome benefits!


  • Access to Whitelist for future Drops
  • Frequent exclusive raffles and airdrops of SPKY FRSH artists and collaborations.
  • Exclusive discord roles
  • Beta drops for equipping your Spirit Guide with the FRSH’est swag!
  • Forward compatible with future Spirit Force traits.
  • Early access voting to Community DAO


Time Spirit

Time Spirits exist to support the UN Sustainability goal of Peace and Justice.

Gravity Spirit

Gravity Spirits exist to support the Creative Commons through artist bounties. 

Light Spirit

Light Spirits exist to support the UN Sustainability Goal of forging new Partnerships.

Current Features


Every Spirit Force is unique and summoned from 8 Genes and over 50+ handcrafted traits. A max of 1,111 avatars will be released for each spirit force. 


A 6% royalty is collected from secondary sales to support impact causes, future development and GEN1 artists.



1% -Artists


While SPKYs are scarce, FRSH flows in abundance. Each spirit force will consist of 1,111 Composable NFT’s. Collect traits from open and limited edition FRSH drops.

Composable NFT

SPKYs are built on a custom ERC-1155 Token. This allows each trait to be its own NFT, which can be traded, sold or upgraded with legendary layers  in the future. See our Roadmap for more information.


Kaomoji | Genome

SPKYs exist in multiple forms. The most basic of these is called a ‘Sprite’. Each of its traits are expressed by its own Unicode character. When summoned they combine to name the NFT with a unique Kaomoji!

Polygon Network

SPKYs are deployed on Polygon. This allows access to the Ethereum ecosystem without negative environmental effects, or costly gas fees. This saves you money and gives us room to scale our utility.

Utility Goals


Owning a SPKY token gives you access to vote in our DAO. Nominate artists, help us determine social impact causes to support, or vote to elect your next Chief of Freshness

Cross-Chain Drops

These ghosts of the machine exist across multiple blockchains. Each Spirit Force is unique. 😉 Which chain will they summon from next? Join the DAO to cast your vote.

aSync Layers

Some call it ‘Spooky Actions at a Distance’, others know it as Asynchronous. These mythical traits seem to react instantly to the price of BTC, and social impact campaign wallets…

Mobile Web3 Dapp

Customize your SPKY with this hand held summoner. Swap out traits to compete in campaigns, or track the price of your favorite crypto currency. 


SPKYs need love and they feed off of positive energy. Evolve your SPKY by collecting special social impact campaign packs or combine spirit forces to unlock hidden features.


Through space, time or even walls, anywhere you go your SPKY will follow. Decentraland, Sandbox  and Enjin are our favorites. Where shall we build our Haus of Eternal Freshness?

Spooky Fresh NFTs